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TIMELESS DIONA BLOOMING DESIGN IN 12 FASCINATING COLOURS Girls, hijab are not meant to be boringgg! There is the time where you need to come out from your comfort zone and uplift your look outstandingly in the crowd. From pastel to bold shades, 12 colours DIONA BLOOMING promised to luxe your looks in whichever outfit that you are going to wear. Inspired from the sweetness figure of blossoms, every inch of it has a touch of feminism, classy and sophisticated beauty. Crafted in two types of hijabs; long shawls for a versatile look and square scarf for an evergreen look – wrap it or drape it, you’re free to style with its wide measurement (No matter how lit the look will be, you still can cover your chest perfectly!) OMG, 90% of women are looking fabulously gorgeous by wearing flower’s abstract