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Naelofar Travel Bag ( LIMITED )

RM 39.00

Retail Price : RM 39 (SM)
RM 41 (SS)
SGD / BND 19

Naelofar Travel Set allows you to pack your belongings efficiently so you can compartmentalize your essential and maximize space. 

Our 6 in 1 Naelofar Travel set consists of 3 different sized cubes and 3 different sized pouches which means you can easily separate clothes, shawls and other items, such as toiletries and cosmetics.

To find the perfect match for your suitcase, you can take a pick from 5 attractive colours – Porcelain Rose, Aqua Blue, Navy Blue, Violet and Cool Grey. All the items are made from durable material and have sturdy zip closures to ensure that your items are kept intact throughout your journey. The cubes also have mesh tops so you can see what is inside without having to open them and disturb your neatly packed luggage. The pouches are a cute and quirky way for you to store smaller essentials like cosmetics and toiletries.